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WDN Board Treasurer Sharon Chen Is Stepping Into Power By Sharing It

Your background is in computer science engineering and you worked at Microsoft for 12 years. You’re also incredibly involved in philanthropy, political activism, and environmental justice. How has your career propelled your philanthropic and activist journey? As a young Asian female in tech in the 90’s who was one of three women in my class to graduate as a computer science major, and the only one with an engineering degree, and even though I valued many of the coworkers and experiences I had during those 12 years, I found many aspects of working in the corporate tech world frustrating.
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Meet Nadia Ismail: She’s leveling the playing field inside and outside of business

You’ve worked professionally in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for over seven years. Can you share more about why you’ve chosen DEI as your professional focus? What DEI lessons do you think the world of philanthropy needs to learn? I began my work in learning and development and discovered that that work on its own is ineffective if you’re not thinking through the variety of needs that learners have and the people who you’re trying to empower.
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We’ve Been Making Impact

What impact has WDN had so far this year? Continue reading to find out. Jean Hardisty Initiative In the face of rampant white supremacist violence and rhetoric, WDN is supporting Black-led movements that are channeling protest energy into building power. So far in 2019, we have invested nearly half a million dollars into Black-led movements.
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