WDN’s Reflective Democracy Campaign funds “Councilwoman”, the film

WDN’s Reflective Democracy Campaign is a proud funder of Councilwoman, a film about Carmen Castillo. Castillo is a Dominican American woman who is elected and serves as a city councilwoman in Providence, Rhode Island. The film follows her as she advocates for workers rights, leads the fight for a $15 minimum wage in Providence, and runs a grueling reelection campaign–all while working full-time as a hotel housekeeper and maintaining a family. First airing on PBS during Labor Day weekend in 2019, the film is a journey behind politics and a stirring account of Castillo’s fight for equity.


Still from the film Councilwoman

“Councilwoman is an inspiring and informational documentary that serves both as record and template for what politics and politicians can look like in 2019.”


The filmmakers have been on the road with the film for a year—read about their impact.


The Reflective Democracy Campaign was founded by WDN on the belief that we won’t achieve real democracy until all of us are reflected in the halls of power. Now we’re at the forefront of the growing movement for leaders who truly reflect the American people.

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