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Reflective Democracy Campaign: Regional Strategy Sessions

The Reflective Democracy Campaign is hitting the road and holding strategy sessions across the country. We’ll share our groundbreaking research about who is in elected office and on our ballots, who isn’t, and why. We’ll talk about what this means in local contexts as well as nationally.
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Who Runs (in) America?

The Reflective Democracy Campaign has released a new groundbreaking study -- Who Runs (in) America? -- revealing that the demographics of candidates on the ballot are almost identical to the demographics of the people who hold office. Women are half the population and people of color are almost 40%, yet two out of every three names that appear on a ballot are white men. Read More »

WDN Members Support New Reflective Democracy Campaign

The American political system was built on the idea of representative democracy. But those who hold public office look very little like America. Women and people of color, though they make up a growing majority of the electorate, have never broken through to be equally represented in the halls of power.
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